Pick-Up Waste Recycling was established in 2003. We at Pick-Up Waste are passionate about the environment and are concerned with the state of nature and the impact of waste on the environment. We firmly believe in recycling of waste where possible to ensure scarce recourses are not depleted or are dumped on landfill sites.

One of the main aims was to create an entity that can cater for individuals who are physically handicapped. Individuals who may not be able to find secure employment on their own in the open market but who are able to work in a group and thus overcome their disabilities. The company favors those people who are disabled physically but who are mentally more than competent. Thus it is envisaged to give every individual the opportunity to develop to maximum potential and promote from within where possible on account of performance. Unfortunately we are only able to employ those handicapped individuals that can be utilized as an economic production unit because of the fact that we are a private company and are bound to remain economically viable.

The handicapped do not want handouts; they want to earn a respectable living by virtue of that what they are able to do themselves. Therefore we do not appoint handicapped persons exclusively but also the unemployed non-handicapped individuals who can benefit our business as well.
Mission Statement

Pick-up-Waste strives:

To employ where possible and economically viable handicapped persons of all color that are able to contribute in one-way and or another to the business.
To excel in supply of superior quality waste disposal equipment in partnership with our suppliers, end-users and distributor network,
To become the leader in Southern Africa with regards to waste disposal and the reutilization of waste
To keep on working by virtue of using creative applications of innovative technologies,
To establish a challenging, rewarding, and principled environment involving every Pick-up-Waste employee in forging our future,
To deliver a cost effective service to all our clients, with the explicit purpose to save lives with pro-active planning, protect property and to preserve our precious environment.

Business Objectives

The goal of the company is to be the primary waste disposal agent and the supplier of waste disposal equipment and techniques. Pick-up-

Waste primary objectives are the following:

To train all personnel to the highest competent level with regards to waste disposal
To train all personnel to the highest competent level with regards to the supply, repair and recondition of waste disposal and related equipment.
To ensure all personnel deal with clients on a fair and equitable manner.
To ensure the availability of personnel to service clients as soon as it is humanly possible.
To ensure all personnel enjoy equal opportunities irrespective of race, color, creed or sex.
To ensure personnel are remunerated fairly.
To supply a cost effective service based on volume and low mark-up.
To encourage sustainable development of the under privileged.

The Pick-Up Waste Commitment

We will continue to forge alliances with the top waste disposal companies, waste disposal equipment manufacturers of the world and will supply only the best available products to our clients. Pick-up-Waste therefore will only stock products and use systems that are at least approved by one or more of the following marks: SABS, UL, NFPA, FPA and/or EU.

We are committed to solve problems - whether they are underground, outdoors, offshore, on board, in the kitchen, around the planet, or off the road – virtually worldwide by ourselves or through our committed suppliers.

We want to deliver our services at a cost effective price structure. We do not practice lip service; we are committed to customer service!


Pick-up-Waste employees are trained on a continuous basis by virtue of our excellent and challenging in-house training programs. At the moment we are concentrating of paper, plastic, cardboard, cans, glass and oil waste removal but are currently training some of our personnel in hazardous waste removal and will shortly be able to give a comprehensive waste removal service to our clients.


We believe there are better ways of waste disposal and or to store equipment and are therefore always looking for ways to improve our product range and to adapt to an ever-changing environment. We therefore appoint ad hoc specialists such as chemists, pharmacists, engineers and technicians to do specialized project work for us as and when required. Moreover, some of our end-users and buyers have certainly the most extensive testing facilities in the world and we therefore work with them to develop some of our ideas. With all these capable facilities and support available, nothing may be regarded as being “good enough”.


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